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Hungarian accounting services

SAP R/3 consultancy and program development

Speed, precision, modest expenses.

Administration services

Bookkeeping based on Hungarian rules, payroll and all other statistics. Representation at Hungarian Tax Authorities.


Our administration and consulting services: accounting, payroll calculation, tax consulting, auditing, financial planning, pension program calculating, preparing tender application.

Our office is serving clients since 1997, in the 17th district in Home center building A.


Type of service Net price minimum amount
Accounting monthly fee on offer
Basic fee (hourly) 20 000 HUF / hour
Work contract 5 000 HUF / pcs
Payroll calculation over offer boundaries (basic employing in- out statement) 4 000 HUF / pcs
Local sales tax (IPA) registration 5 000 HUF / pcs
Local sales tax (IPA) taxbase share 10 000 HUF/location
Statistic office (KSH) report 5 000 HUF / pcs
Chamber of commerce registration 5 000 HUF / pcs
Chamber of agriculture registration 5 000 HUF / pcs
Food Authority (NÉBIH) registration 5 000 HUF / pcs
Risk assessment (KOCKERD) survey 5 000 HUF / pcs
Self revision 5 000 HUF / pcs
In-year balance sheet 1 month fee
FAG requests 1 month fee
Loan application documentation minimum 10 000 HUF
Accounting politics, cash-flow and inventory regulation 10 000 HUF / pcs
Tender documentation hourly fee or on offer
Work and fire protection regulation on offer


2021 SZJA tax statement consultation available until the 30th of April 2022 in a booked timeslot:
Call +36 70 545 9288 to book a timeslot based on the availability you can see below.
To enable children deduction, both parents are required to be present to make the optimal statement.

  • Working 'Ügyfélkapu' login
  • Verifications
  • Tax numbers of children
Price of statement: 20.000.- HUF + VAT/person

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